MESB BERHAD  (Registration No. 199501008356 [337554-D])




MESB Berhad (“the Company’) and its subsidiary companies (“the Group”) have adopted a Code of Conduct (“the Code”) that applies to all directors and employees.    The  Code  sets  out  the  principles  to  guide  the directors and employees  in  carrying  out their  duties  and  responsibilities  to  the  highest  standards  of  personal  and  corporate integrity   when   dealing   with the Group’s  competitors,   customers,   suppliers,   other employees and the community.


All the Directors and employees of the Group are obliged to make an active contribution and its observance of the Code. It is also expected of those who have business relations with the Group including customers, suppliers, agents and consultants who will have to be familiar and comply with the relevant parts of the provisions of this Code of Conduct when performing such works and services.

The Directors and Management have the added responsibility of leading according to these practices. They must promote compliance and ethics by example. They are also responsible for promoting open and honest two-way communication to facilitate discussions especially in situations where the application of the Code, or any part of it, may be unclear.


All the directors and employees of the Group are expected to be familiar and comply with the Code. As well, to understand the obligations under other policies related to this Code. If any person unsure whether an action is permitted under this Code, seek guidance before acting.

Any person who has discovered a violation of the Code must promptly report such complaint either to her/his manager, head of department, head of the operating unit or under the Whistleblowing Policy of the Company.

Any violation of the terms of the Code of Conduct may be treated as a breach of the terms of the employment relationship and/or breach of discipline, and may be subject to disciplinary sanctions and the relevant legal consequences.


The following Principles of Conduct shall be observed:

  • Comply with the legislative and regulatory provision in force in all the countries in which Group operates;
  • Comply with legislation governing bribery and corruption;
  •  Comply with all policies and procedures established from time-to-time;
  • Information about Group’s businesses shall be communicated clearly, and accurately in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • Not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour or any form of harassment or sexual offence;
  • Promote health, safety and conducive working environment, employees at all levels are required to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and act in accordance with the safety system and all the company’s procedures which form an integral part thereof;
  • Develop a reputation for honesty, fairness, responsibility and integrity with the person who have a business relationship with the Group;
  • Safeguard and protect the image and reputation of the Group;
  •  Not disclose or divulge confidential information without prior approval; and
  • Not receive, offer, promise, authorise or give any gifts in any form which the gifts reasonably expected to secure any improper advantage, or to influence a business decision.


This Code of Conduct  may be amended at any time in the discretion of the Board of Directors.