199501008356 (337554-D)
(Incorporated in Malaysia)


MESB Berhad (“the Company”) recognises that gender diversity and equitable representation at Board level are essential element of good governance, and is a critical attribute of a well-functioning board and maintaining a competitive advantage. It enhances decision-making capability and a diverse Board is more effective in dealing with organisational changes.

The Company takes cognisant of the best practices recommended under the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance to have at least 30% female Directors.


This Gender Diversity Policy (“this Policy”) provides a framework for the Company to improve its gender diversity at Board and senior management level.

The Company acknowledges the importance to promote gender diversity at Board and senior management level and will actively work towards having more female Directors and senior management. To avoid any mismatch and ineffective appointment of the female Directors and senior management, the Company does not set any specific target for female Directors and senior management in this Policy.

In assessing the Board and senior management’s composition effectiveness, the Board shall accord due consideration to gender diversity, required mix of skills, experience, independence and other qualities, including core competencies, commitment, integrity and/or other commitments to the Board.


To pursue the objectives of gender diversity, the Board will take into consideration the following measures:

(a)  The Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Board shall nominate or appoint a gender diverse Board with a broad spectrum of perspectives, including but not limited to education background, age, ethnicity, skills, knowledge, expertise, experience, competencies, integrity and/or other commitments that the candidate will bring to complement the Board.

(b)  The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is responsible in ensuring that gender diversity objective is adopted in the Board recruitment and succession planning processes.

(c)   The Company shall adopt a more accommodating boardroom culture and environment that is free from discriminations to attract and retain women participation at the Board level.

(d)   The Company will undertake the following strategies to promote its gender diversity at Board and senior management level:

–  recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates for female Directors and senior management;

–   reviewing succession plans to ensure an appropriate focus on gender diversity;

–   identifying specific factors to take into account the recruitment and selection processes to encourage gender diversity; and

–   any other strategies the Board may develop from time to time.


(a)   This Policy shall be disclosed in the annual report of the Company in accordance with the best practices of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance.

(b)   The Board will review this Policy from time to time to ensure that this Policy remains relevant and viable to meet its objective.

This new Gender Diversity Policy (Version No. 1) was adopted by the Board of the Company on 22 September 2021.